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As you can see the wind is shut off. There's a front coming in and this might be close to the end of the year.

I'm starting to nail my jibes and be less of a klutz - less of... what's the word... The awkward partner. I'm less of that. I'm very satisfied with my progress that I've made this year. I'm getting about three out of four of my jibes. The ones I'm missing are because I'm stepping off the end of the board in the wrong place. It's a little too narrow. My new board's finished. We're just waiting for cash flow so I can go pick it up. So patience on that.

The purpose of my channel is to provide onus probandi - actual evidence of a Personal Everest so that you, like the geese that fly in a chevron might be able to repeat it - so that you can see it and mimic it - and follow and do the same.

Sometimes people get in a funk. Sometimes the season ends. You spend a week in the smoke and then you get a week of no wind and then you get a week of rain and the season's over and you miss that opportunity. Patience is not really about just waiting for things to happen. It's not even about just finding little tasks to keep you busy. You know like painting things or cooking things or reorganizing things or fixing your shoes or even watching epidemiological curves unfold for days and weeks and months. Patience is about leveraging your time to gain insights and to sharpen your mind subjectively. That's how I see it with strengths and coping mechanisms labeled as Achiever Input Learner Belief Activator. That's a Vulcan mind-meld telling a story.



Pause for just a moment and give some thought to your strengths which are your coping mechanisms. How do those playout for the things that you keep yourself occupied with? I'm obviously at the event site wearing my mask and I dare take it off. This is a horrible smoke smell.

After a week of rain, I found myself getting really blah. I guess it was depression. I have never experienced that.

I killed my gut with lectins from tomatoes and peppers. It's been a couple of days of fixing it with kimchi and chlorella. I had to use some of my tools to get my butt out of that crevasse. That one was horrible. Thankfully those tools work. One of the things I had to concede - allow myself to admit - is that for the first time in my life I know what depression is - for at least for a week. I unexpectedly lost my coping mechanism being able to be out here on the water and then had to accept that that's the end of the season. I was like oh my gosh I don't know what to do with myself. I ended up watching my episodes. Yeah, I went back and I binge-watched this whole thing. The weather and the inability for me to go outside as you see it's now sort of lifting.

I can say authentically I've spent a few days in a funk for the first time in my life because I realized that there wasn't anything I could do about any of them. That was mentally taxing. And then I went wait a minute. I've never watched my stuff. I had this amazing experience.

Last night I binge-watched half of my book. You should do that too. It's not bad if you consider that I didn't know where I was going. I just set out to do something as should you. I just stuck the camera out as I am now doing. I discovered that reliving your journey gives you perspective.

If you're trying to get up an Everest and you get halfway in a cloud layer and you can't see the valley and you can't see the mountain - ah that can be horrible. Although you're climbing you won't appreciate the journey. You'll be there but without a clear view of the progress.

Because I have all of the entirety of the book as video episodes I could sit and watch my progress. I could watch little signals I give on fixation or when I am triggered or when I am pegged processing the next word. I could see that. I could see an overall improvement in just that six months. That was enough to free up the fog that I'm not making progress.

By mimicking me - shooting your journey, looking at your efforts in hindsight you'll be amazed. Take your strengths assessment so you will know where your story-line is going to be - where your ropes are going to be attaching up your mountain. That perspective of making progress will be required at some point. It's really important. Don't just look at mine and think oh yeah I'll just watch this. No, you need to mark your pathway. I'm encouraging you to record your journey. Maybe you don't want to put it on YouTube but I'm assuring you that you're going to want to watch that at some point.

If you are watching this to have understanding for your partner or your child or your friend then hold them accountable. You need to see that they are journaling with modern equipment so that they can become aware of their progress. It's hard to see the value of your journey out of scotomaville while you are experiencing it. While you're being patient and stalled out on something or you have to wait for some event like graduation or getting out of the military or a wedding or childbirth or the next purchase or getting better from an illness. The thing that challenges you when you're going through it also thwarts us from having a healthy perspective of the journey.

You'll need to have the perspective of where you're at now versus where you were and that little improvement will greatly set you free.

Why is storytelling so important especially for triangulation?

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Storytelling is a superpower in Afton IA. There are two reasons to understand it.

One is to specifically recognize when you're being gamed or when you're being handed a story. More importantly, when the story that you're accepting is omitting a large number of facts and the evidence you need for triangulation is straight-up missing.

On the other side of the coin is that the story you tell yourself determines how much effort you're going to make. 85 percent of success is just straight-up pure luck. It's just perseverance. It's just hanging in there long enough so that when the wind and weather are right you're there prepared for the opportunity. At the right time, the effort needed is much less. That's because you have already done the majority of the work. But you'll never do the hard part beforehand unless you tell yourself a story.

Therein is the superpower. The story you choose for yourself. The facts you align with your worldview determine the effort you're gonna make. In the midst of all that our scotomas - our blind spots - can be discovered.

Look what I found out this week from a friend of mine Alan Landis. This one shocked me because I had carried a false belief for over a decade. In the conversation, we were talking about storytelling as a superpower. I said; "you know sometimes you make persuasive points. One of them I remember well is that at your dining room table you said to me something like, "Daniel you talk too much" and Alan said; "What? The point I was making - what I thought I said - was that it takes you a long time to get to your point"

Talk about a scotoma! Remember 100% wrong 50% of the time! I recall him saying "you talk way too much". You know Dale Carnegie: the favorite subject is ourselves. What Alan was saying is that it takes me forever to get to my point - I'm very complex.

I hope someday I'm able to introduce him to you because he is the master of storytelling and genius to put complex things into simple terms - something I'm far from mastering. Yeah, you get my point. I better stop talking. I really appreciate him.

We are still chasing the acquisition of our Airstream. Why would we be doing that? The fifth attempt is for the triangulation portion of (1) fact that we need for (2) faith to have (3) hope.

It's for my YouTube channel. Let me show you the actual numbers - the statistics so that you can base it on the science. Look at what I see where my opportunity is to influence - to talk to you. You most likely came to my channel based on the Airstream. These are the YouTube views of my channel and how long people watch each video. This is the most-watched video out of the 85 (i think) I have posted so far. This is the second most-watched. Third. Fourth. Fifth. The top five constitute nearly all of my viewing time.

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An Airstream is the bait. Airstream interest in Afton IA is the market giving me a big clue - Daniel you should make more videos about Airstreaming. 70 percent of them are men. The majority of them are in the 45 to 54 age group. They're almost all coming from the united states. 80 percent are watching on their mobile phone.

Can you see the emotion of finally discovering a market and a topic where people have an interest in - along with my interest and capability?

Having to wait months and months and months to get into our Airstream. After four prior failed attempts at financing the Airstream, we've learned a lot about persevering and patience. I bet most people believe this is about being seen with a luxury recreational vehicle. Nope. Scotoma. This journey is about finding a way to connect with people. It's about building a bridge between me and them. It's my Personal Everest surrounded by failures and misunderstandings so I can share more important truths about the race of self-awareness.

In my mind, I need the Airstream as a tool to reach the Afton IA audience with what I think is the important message. I have found an audience point of interest. I can then communicate more important and deeper and richer things -things you don't expect as part of the journey like the triggers that come from the surprise, the shock, the unpreparedness for all the twists and turns that come with getting to your goal

You know what I'm sharing. You've had lots of them.

The story we record to later convince ourselves with greatly impacts the effort we'll make doing the hard thing.

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Here's an example: I just learned something because I did the hard work. I heard Attorney General William Barr say something that I was not familiar with. I didn't understand it. Rather than just let it go over my head I decided I should look into this 'bread and circuses'. Are you familiar with it?

William Barr: "our constitution was meant for a discerning informed virtuous people. You have to raise the question of whether we still have that in our country. We certainly have forces that are attempting to cultivate a dependent people. And it's you know it's the same old game it's bread (and circuses). What's our bread and circuses today? It's all distraction..."


Bread and Circuses. That phrase piqued my interest because I didn't know what it was. So I did, as I wrote in volume one, "do the hard work - don't miss an opportunity to do the hard thing". Don't just take a shortcut. Don't leave it as 'good enough'. Don't leave it unfinished.

I did a little homework. Look it up on Wikipedia. It's a very interesting phrase because it's so mirrored in today's society especially just before the election. Bread and circuses refer to a poet-writer of the late roman republic before the roman empire. Politicians found the easiest way to rise to power was to pass into law things that were bread - like free food and welfare programs and guaranteed minimum income kind of things  - coupled with entertainment. Think about the internet and social media. In the Romans case it was coliseums but today it's digital entertainment. How do you rise to power? How do you control the masses? In the Roman era 'bread and circuses' was a strategy. Look at the strategies being used in many of the political races going on across the country: "let's just give it away" "let's appease the masses" don't have them do the hard work. Give them free food. Give them entertainment and sport. I'm just saying it's something worth thinking about.


William Barr: "it's all about distracting people from anything that's important and principled and what's happening. That's why so many people don't pay attention. They're distracted. They're distracted by you know all the stimulation of their senses... That goes part and parcel with creating dependence. So you have more and more people that just don't care."

The story we tell ourselves is really important because it gets us to do the hard thing like the research find the facts and not just accept the story.

Turns out today I'm ill-prepared. I don't have a small enough sail. Patience. I'll have the rest of my gear - I believe based on my history of getting stuff I'll have my new board - based on the history, the facts, the evidence. That's what patience can be about - persevering while you wait for the proper things and timing to come about. Not giving up. Not settling for someone else's story applied to your life. Not settling for the life you've been handed but getting yourself the heck out of SCOTOMAVILLE.

Thanks for watching this episode I really appreciate your attention and your time.


Your Personal Everest Expedition

Challenge Dataism by starting your Personal Everest of self-awareness in Afton IA.

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world.
The Buddha



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